Less Than Challenge

Living life with less than…


Progress Report

With two challenges running simultaneously, and at least a week until either of them is complete, I figured I owed the blogosphere a little progress report. Continue reading



CHALLENGE #3: Live Below the Line

Eat/drink from Monday through Friday on less than $1.50 a day.

Perhaps you’ve heard that celebrities like Ben Affleck, Sophia Bush, and Josh Groban will be raising awareness (and money) for The Global Poverty Project next week by taking the “Live Below the Line” challenge.  I started reading up on this initiative, and couldn’t help but be inspired. Continue reading


CHALLENGE #2: A Running Goal

I’m a bit overdue in outlining my next challenge, so without further ado, here it is: Run 3.5 miles in less than 35 minutes.

Last week, we finally had the perfect weather for a little outdoor exercise, and I am pleased to say that I took full advantage of it. I headed out for my first fresh air run of the year with low expectations but high hopes, and a new “less than challenge” was born! Continue reading

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Less Bad Than Good

Like so many others across the nation, my heart breaks for the men, women, and children affected by the tragic explosions at the Boston Marathon. Having once stood at a marathon finish line and been brought to tears by the amazing accomplishment of each runner that made it to that 26.2-mile mark, I cannot imagine a more devastating contrast of events and emotions than what was witnessed yesterday.

I have been deeply affected by the news reports and the sad, sad stories of lost limbs and lost lives. But I have been even more deeply moved by the stories of good and the messages of hope that are being shared everywhere you turn. Continue reading


Spring Fling RESULTS

Although it’s taken me a couple of days to sit down and write this post, I’m thrilled to report that I successfully completed my very first Less Than Challenge on Tuesday night!  For a grand total of $26.16 (after tax!) , I got a whole new spring outfit at Forever 21, and I think this is going to prove to be less than $30 very well spent. Continue reading

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Spend Smarter, Live Better

This month’s Real Simple hit my mailbox this weekend, but between hosting a dinner party on Saturday and getting this blog up and running on Sunday, this is the first moment I’ve had to sit down and look at it.

In light of the “less than” endeavor I’ve just undertaken (to create a perfect spring look for < $30), I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the words “Spend Smarter, Live Better” jumping off of the cover!  A closer review of this title article, about how we determine what’s “affordable”, left me with lots to consider as I prepare to hit the mall tomorrow night.
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