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Spend Smarter, Live Better

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This month’s Real Simple hit my mailbox this weekend, but between hosting a dinner party on Saturday and getting this blog up and running on Sunday, this is the first moment I’ve had to sit down and look at it.

In light of the “less than” endeavor I’ve just undertaken (to create a perfect spring look for < $30), I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the words “Spend Smarter, Live Better” jumping off of the cover!  A closer review of this title article, about how we determine what’s “affordable”, left me with lots to consider as I prepare to hit the mall tomorrow night.
With a bunch of interesting research and insight, author Amanda Fortini describes how so much of our spending these days is determined by impulse and emotion.  I’m certainly guilty of making unplanned purchases, especially when I’m convinced that I am getting an amazing deal.  I mean, snagging a cute new top for $7 when the original price tag reads $40 makes me feel alive inside!  And while I don’t believe there is anything inherently wrong with that, spending money just to feel the rush of a little savings is probably not the smartest way to live on less.

That’s what I love about this challenge.  If I am going to succeed in keeping the cost of my new outfit under $30, I am going to have to snag a thrill-inducing deal or two.  But since I’m going into this with a clear goal and a set budget, I shouldn’t come out with any guilt over a spending splurge I just couldn’t control.  I’ll be spending smarter, and thus, living better.  Sounds pretty good to me.


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