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Less Than Look: TKEES Flip Flops

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What do Rachel Bilson, Emily VanCamp, and Blake Lively have in common? For starters, they each rank pretty darn high on the list of celebrities I’d love to know/be. More importantly for the purposes of this post, they have all been spotted wearing TKEES – my new obsession in the world of flip flops.

TKEES Sightings

Rachel Bilson, Emily VanCamp, and Blake Lively, all in TKEES

I have been on what feels like an eternal quest to replace the black flip flops that I bought  in high school and continue to wear despite the fact that there are now holes where the heels should be. Not one pair of sandals in the dozens of stores I’ve scoured have come close to being a suitable replacement. Whether they’re too casual or not quite casual enough, there’s always something that moves me to keep wearing hole-filled flip flops in lieu of something new.

In TKEES (pronounced TEE-kees), I think I’ve found what I’ve been searching for:

My Favorite TKEES

Obviously, my first instinct is to go for the Licorice “Glosses” (top left), but I am also really drawn to the Bare White “Duos” (dead center). And as a sucker for all things mint, I am definitely giving the Minty “Lip Glosses” (bottom right) a second look. Did I mention that TKEES are branded as “cosmetics for your feet” and each style is named for a type of cosmetic product?  Love it.

Now normally, I don’t think I’d highlight a plain and simple flip flop that retails for about $50 nearly everywhere I’ve looked as a Less Than Look. But in this case, I would argue that plain and simple equals versatile and well worth the investment. Plus, the reviews I’ve read have convinced me that I would get plenty of quality wear out of a single pair.  And it sure doesn’t hurt that a few of my favorite celebs have shown lots of love for the brand!

I think I’ll give myself a little time to buy in the hopes that a great deal will pop up. But if all else fails, I think fifty bucks would be a pretty small price to pay to keep my feet off the ground and looking good for lots of summers to come.


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