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A Bachelorette Change of Heart

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You may recall, I kicked off LTC’s Favorite Things a few weeks back with my thoughts on The Bachelorette. At the time, I foolishly decided to root for Michael G. because we went to the same college. Pretty much immediately thereafter, he turned into this crazy, “you can’t handle the truth” lawyer type and I was instantly ready for Des to send him home.

To avoid any spoilers for those of you who are behind on your DVR, I won’t say any more about Michael. And that’s fine because I’d much rather focus on my new favorite bachelor: Zak W!!!

Truthfully, I liked Zak from his very first, shirtless appearance on the show. But over the last few weeks, he’s really proven himself to be a serious charmer. So cute, so nice, so funny. Seriously, what’s not to like?!

I’m not convinced that Zak will make it to the end, considering my theory that Des is already completely in love with Chris, and the previews for the next few weeks are utterly and completely confusing, but if I were The Bachelorette, I would be giving Zak every rose for the rest of the season.

Have you had a change of heart yet this season? Which guy is getting your fan love now?


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